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Genetic testing has become increasingly popular and is revolutionizing preventive health. Alongside the multitude of tests available for medical conditions and diseases, advancements in the field of genetic testing have enabled us to delve into the genes that govern how our bodies process carbohydrates, fat, protein, micro-nutrients, and more. Additionally, specific genes now reveal how certain fitness activities can be tailored for maximum effectiveness. The future of wellness lies in understanding our unique genetic makeup.

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2/26/20232 min read

Health Weight
  • Get your DNA collection kit delivered right to your doorstep! Our state-of-the-art laboratory will analyze your DNA sample using 48 genetic markers. With our online interactive GxSlim report, you'll uncover fascinating insights into 16 genetic traits related to weight loss. Discover personalized food recommendations tailored to your macronutrient breakdown and caloric needs, along with nutrient suggestions for optimal health. Elevate your fitness routine with exercise recommendations that include cardio and strength training. Rest assured, our recommendations are backed by supporting scientific research. And for your convenience, you'll receive a printable PDF version of your GxSlim report. Don't miss out – see a sample report now! (view sample report).

Age Renew
  • Receive a DNA collection kit delivered right to your doorstep. Our advanced laboratory analysis will examine your DNA sample, focusing on 98 genetic markers. Unlock the secrets to healthy aging with our interactive GxRenew report. Discover in-depth analysis of 28 genetic traits that impact skin health, mental function, organ health, sleep duration, vision, healthy weight, and more. Our comprehensive report also includes personalized recommendations for food, nutrient, exercise, and lifestyle choices to help you look and feel younger for longer. Rest assured, our findings are backed by supporting scientific research. Plus, you can easily access and print a PDF version of your GxRenew report. Experience the power of genetic insights with us. (view sample report).

Nutrient Absorption
  • Get your DNA collection kit delivered right to your doorstep. Discover the secrets hidden within your genes with our comprehensive laboratory analysis that examines 42 genetic markers. Unlock the power of personalized nutrition with our interactive GxNutrient report, providing you with insightful analysis of your DNA sample and customized recommendations to address any potential deficiencies. Our nutrient recommendations, along with supplement suggestions, will help you optimize your health. Backed by supporting scientific research, our GxNutrient report is also available in a convenient printable PDF version (view sample report). Explore the possibilities and take control of your well-being today.

Fitness and Strength
  • Receive a DNA collection kit delivered right to your doorstep.

    Uncover the secrets of your genetic makeup with a thorough analysis of 80 genetic markers in our state-of-the-art laboratory

    Discover the fascinating insights into 15 genetic traits that are directly linked to your mental and physical foundation, training response, fuel utilization, and recovery recommendations, among others

    Rest assured knowing that our analysis is backed by solid scientific research

    Easily access and navigate an interactive GxPerform report online, or choose to print a PDF version for your convenience (view sample report)

Gut Health
  • GxGutHealth offers a fascinating glimpse into your microbiome through an innovative platform that transforms taxonomic signatures (16S) and gene lists (WGS) into a wide range of quantitative functional capabilities (phenotypes). Each phenotype in a microbiome sample is meticulously calculated on a scale from 0 to 100%.

    Our exclusive collection of predicted metabolic phenotypes encompasses over 100 essential nutrients and metabolites, meticulously curated across more than 3,000 reference genomes that represent the vast diversity of the microbiome.

    By leveraging this comprehensive understanding, we delve deeper into the intricate interactions between microbes, the host, and the diet, providing valuable physiological insights and a science-backed pathway for individuals seeking to actively modulate their microbiome.

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